Tinker Bell Snowglobe jewelry box

Tinker Bell Snowglobe
Picture from DisneyShopping.com.
DisneyShopping.com Item #98178.

She just can't resist a bit of sparkle, so our mischievous little pixie is busy tinkering through a jewelry box. Drawer and photo frame and clock are real.

Item Type: Clock, Photo Frame, Snowglobe.
Charactrs: Tinker Bell.
Lights: Yes.
Music: "You Can Fly"
Size: 7"H.
Snow Type: Glitter.
Source: Disney Catalog, Disney Store, Online.
Original Retail: $75.00-79.87.
Years Available: 2000-2008.

Note: There seems to be a color variation of this globe that may have been offered on Disney Auctions. Probably a prototype.

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