Snow White Snowglobe - Evil Queen

Evil Queen & Magic Mirror Snowglobe
Picture and Description from Item #99084.

Things are looking black for Snow White as the villainous Evil Queen discovers from the Magic Mirror that her reign as the fairest in the land is over. Turn it on to hear ''Slave in the mirror, speak, let me see thy face'' with real voices and dramatic sound effects. The Slave of the Mirror appears magically in the mirror.

Item Type: Snowglobe
Characters: Hag, Magic Mirror, Queen.
Size: 8'' H x 7'' diameter.
Source: Disney Catalog, Online.
Original Retail: $65.00-79.50.
Years Available: 2000,2008.

Notes: This globe was originally available in Disney Catalogs that were issued in 2000 and then appeared online in 2008.

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