Pinocchio Music Box Snowglobe

Pinocchio's Music Box Snowglobe
Picture and description from Item #29130.

Pinocchio and Figaro admire Geppetto's latest creation — a beautiful music box. Wind it up to hear the band inside play ''Brahm's Waltz'' and watch the bandleader and the soloist move to the music! Meanwhile, Jiminy hangs around outside, using his trademark umbrella as a parachute. A real feather in Pinocchio's cap and whiskers on Figaro add magical details to this wonderful creation.

Item Type: Snowglobe.
Characters: Figaro, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio.
Movement: Band figures insode the globe.
Music: "Brahms Waltz"
Size: 8 1/2'' H x 7 1/4'' diameter.
Snow Type:
Source: Disney Catalog, Theme Parks, Online.
Original Retail: $78.00 (2003) & $59.50 (2008).
Years Available: Originally available in 2003. It was available again in 2008.

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