Mickey Mouse Snowglobe - 80th Anniversary

Mickey 80th Anniversary LE Deluxe Snowglobe
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DisneyShopping.com Item #66152.

From his historic debut in ''Steamboat Willie'' to starring roles in ''Fantasia'' and a host of other beloved films, Mickey has warmed the hearts of generations of fans. Celebrate his 80th anniversary with this deluxe, limited-edition snowglobe, designed in the United Kingdom. Certificate of Authenticity

Item Type: Figurine, Snowglobe.
Characters: Mickey Mouse.
Blower: Yes.
Limited Edition: 1200.
Music: ''Mickey Mouse Club March''
Size: 38cm H.
Snow Type: Glitter and Mickey icons.
Source: Disney Store Europe, Online.
Original Retail: $99.50.
Years Available: 2008.

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