Fantasia Snowglobe - Festival For Bacchus

Festival for Bacchus Fantasia Snowglobe
Pictures and description from Item #66155.

There's plenty of horseplay in this wondrous Fantasia snowglobe featuring a collection of mythological creatures that have gathered for a festival to honor Bacchus, the god of wine. Inspired by the memorable scene in Fantasia, centaurs and centaurettes gather at the base while cherubs look on and a pegasus and its family fly above the clouds.

Item Type: Figurine, Snowglobe.
Characters: Centaur, Centaurette, Cherub, Pegasus.
Blower: Yes.
Music: Beethoven's ''Pastoral Symphony''
Size: 11'' H x 7 1/2'' diameter
Snow Type: Glitter.
Source: Online.
Original Retail: $99.50.
Years Available: 2008.


Notes: Despite the title of this snowglobe, Bacchus does not appear.

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