Fab 5 Christmas Presents Snowglobe Precious Moments

Donald Musical Waterball by Precious Moments
Picture and description from DisneyShopping.com.
DisneyShopping.com Item #98436.

Disney Boy, wide-eyed in wonderment, opens a Christmas package containing the one and only Donald Duck wearing a holiday Santa hat. With a shake of the globe, a blizzard of winter snow surrounds them. The globe nestles in a base of brightly wrapped gift packages flanked by Santa's helpers, Goofy and Mickey Mouse. From the Walt Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments.

Item Type: Snowglobe.
Characters: Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse.
Music: "The 12 Days of Christmas"
Size: 5 1/2'' H x 5'' W.
Source: Precious Moments.
Original Retail: $35.00.
Years Available: 2008.

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