Cinderella Castle Snowglobe - 50th Anniversary

Cinderella's Castle Snowglobe with Key
Picture and description from Item #99120.

As Cinderella and Prince Charming dance atop the snowglobe, Major stays with Cinderella's enchanted coach outside the castle, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. The bejeweled base has a beautiful antique look, complete with crystal teardrop accents and a heart-shaped key. Use the key to wind up the music box and activate the blower for an ultra-Magical scene. The keychain is long enough to wear around your neck for safekeeping.

Item Type: Snowglobe.
Characters: Cinderella, Major, Prince Charming.
Blower: Yes.
Lights: Yes.
Music: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
Size: 10”H.
Snow Type: White.
Source: Disney Catalog, Online.
ORP:Original Retail: $65.00-79.50.
Years Available: 2000,2008.

Notes: Originally available in the Disney Catalog in 2000 as a 50th anniversary globe, rereleased in 2008.

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