Aristocats Snowglobe

Aristocats Snowglobe
Picture and description from Item #99080.

Duchess gives little Toulouse a loving pat while Thomas offers a word of advice to Marie and Berlioz. This charming scene inspired by the beloved ''Aristocats'' also features those grandiose geese Abigail and Amelia and a couple of basket cases in Napoleon and Lafayette.

Item Type: Snowglobe.
Characters: Abigail, Amelia, Berlioz, Duchess, Lafayette, Marie, Napoleon, Thomas O'Malley, Toulouse.
Music: ''Everybody Wants to Be a Cat''
Size: 7'' H x 6 1/4'' diameter.
Source: Disney Catalog, Online.
Original Retail: $55.00-59.50.
Years Available: 2001,2008.

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